Sydney. 20. I run this blog the same way I run my life... with no direction. I really really REALLY didn't mean for Teen Wolf and TMI to take over my life (or every thought) but here we are...
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Country music teaches you to work. You hear stories about these artists who show up four hours late to a photo shoot, and in Nashville that doesn’t happen. In Nashville, if you go four hours late to a photo shoot, everyone leaves. In Nashville, if you don’t care about radio and being kind to people who are being good to you…It’s a symbiotic relationship, and if you don’t take care of it, they they won’t take care of you. I’ve never been more proud to have come from a community that’s so rooted in songwriting, so rooted in hard work and in treating people well. It was the best kind of training. By Taylor Swift (x)

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"We don’t form attachments like mundanes do (…) The bonds between us tend to be intense and unbreakable (…) Look at our father. Your mother betrayed him, and he still spent the rest of his life waiting to find her again and convince her to come back to him. That whole closet full of clothes …"